How to Accept Mailed Payments through Autobooks

In addition to the two online payment methods offered through Autobooks, there is a third convenient option for you to receive payments from your customers: mailed payments sent to our lockbox facility.

There is a P.O. box set up for each business that uses Autobooks, and your customers can mail a physical check to this address that will then be deposited electronically into your account.

  • When a customer of yours wants to pay by mailing a check to our lockbox facility, you will want to first create and email them an invoice
  • After you've created this invoice, they can view said invoice and click the "printer" icon from that invoice to bring up the print functionality in whatever internet browser they're using
    • They will then print this out, and we automatically generate an additional page for each invoice when a customer clicks on that print icon
    • This additional page has instructions on how to properly mail a check to our processing center
      • It will tell them where to mail it to, and what to include:


Once a mailed check is received at our processing center, that check is opened, scanned, cashed, and applied to your business' account (please note that this is done on business days only).

    • If the check received matches to a customer and/or a customer's invoice, it will be applied to that customer's balance
    • If the check does not match to a customer or a customer's invoice, it will be applied as a general deposit to your business' Autobooks account
  • Checks are processed the same business day that they are received at the lockbox facility, and the funds are available to you in 1 to 2 business days from the processing date
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