How to Add a Customer

In order to send an invoice through Autobooks, you will first need to create a customer. The customer creation is pretty straight-forward, but there are a few points worth noting. You can get to the Add customer page by first going to Invoicing > Customers, which will take you to the Customer List page. 

Once you're on the Customer List page, you can click the [+New Customer] button to get to the Add customer page.  From this page, you can simply fill out as much information as you have on the customer in question and then click the [Save] button to add that customer.

Please note that invoices are automatically sent out via email, so if you would like an invoice to be sent out when it's created, the customer in question will need to have an email address on file. 


Please note that invoices are NOT sent out via text, so putting in a phone number in for a customer is purely for your record-keeping purposes. 

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