How to Create an Invoice

From the invoice creation page, you can create either a one-time invoice or a recurring invoice. We'll first walk through creating a single (one-time) invoice. 

One-time (single) invoice:

  • Navigate to Invoicing > Invoices and click the [+New invoice] button
  • Select the following information: 
  • Customer
    • You can add a new customer from this section if they have not yet been into your Autobooks account
      • Please see below for more information on this
  • Due date
  • Product/Service
    • This is the Product you're offering, or the Service that you're providing
    • These are tied to Accounting Categories, which drive the reporting that Autobooks offers
    • You can add a new Product/Service from this section if the item in question has not yet been entered into your Autobooks account
      • Please see below for more information on this
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Description
    • This is where you describe what you are providing to the customer
  • Message (optional)
    • If there is any additional information you want to add in, this is where you can do so
  • Add item (optional)
    • If your invoice is for more than one Product/Service, you can click the [+Add item] button to add another section for a second (or third, fourth, etc.) Product/Service and the associated fields

Once you've finished creating your invoice, you will want to click on one of the following options from the menu to the right of the invoice:

  • [Send Invoice] - This will create the invoice and email it out to the customer in question
  • Preview invoice - This will bring up a preview of the invoice so you can see what your customers would see when viewing the invoice
  • Save invoice as draft - If you're still working on this invoice but don't want to send or save it yet, you can use this option to save your progress
  • Save to list - If you're done with the invoice but you don't want to email it out, you can choose this invoice to create it without sending it to your customer



Recurring invoice:

When you're creating a recurring invoice, what you're actually doing is setting up a schedule that our application will follow for creating invoices on your behalf. 

The main difference for creating a recurring invoice is that you will need to toggle on the "Make recurring" switch from this page, which will bring up additional invoice options:

  • Frequency - Weekly/ Bi-weekly/ Monthly
    • Weekly/Bi-Weekly - For these options, you will choose the day of the week that you would like your invoice sent out 
    • Monthly - You will choose the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or Last specific day of the month to send the invoice (for example, the 3rd Tuesday of the month)
      • You can also choose a specific date (the 17th, for example) of the month to send the invoice
  • Start date - The date that you would like this recurring schedule to begin
  • Days until due - How many days between the send date of the invoice until the invoice is due
  •  Frequency option - # of times/ End date
    • # of times - how many total times you would like this recurring invoice to be sent
    • End date - the end date of this recurring invoice schedule (meaning after that date, this will no longer run) 



Adding a new customer from the invoice creation page

If you select the customer drop-down menu and can't find the customer you would like to bill, you can click the [+New Customer] option to bring up the Add customer page. Once you've added this customer, they will show up on the invoice customer list. 


Adding a new Product/Service from the invoice creation page

If you're creating a new invoice and you don't see the proper Product/Service that you would like to bill for, you can click the [+New Product/Service] option to bring up the Add product page. Once you've added this Product/Service, it will show up on the create invoice page.



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