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You can view all of the transactions that we are able to pull into Autobooks through our link into your bank account by following this path:

  • Accounting > Accounts > Transactions


This transaction sync happens automatically overnight and also in real-time when you load the transactions page.

Once you are on this list page, you can click on a specific transaction to bring up the right-hand side menu. This menu allows you to see the following information:

  • Transaction - Transaction categorization and additional details on this transaction
    • From this page, you can categorize that transaction to a specific accounting category (or categories)
  • Match - Apply a transaction directly to an invoice
    • This is applicable to both Income and Expense transactions
      • Please see the Transaction Match article for additional information
  • Exclude - If there is a transaction that you wouldn't like to impact your business' financials, you can use this option
    • Please see the Transaction Exclude article for additional information
  • Transactions_List_2_-_8.28.19.png
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