Vendor Invoices - List

This page is where you can see a list of all of the Vendor Invoices and Vendor Credits that you have created in your Autobooks account.

  • A Vendor Invoice is a bill from a vendor that you would like to manually record within Autobooks.
  • Vendor Credit is a credit against a bill from a vendor; this would be if they had offered you a discount on your original invoice and you wanted to note this accordingly.

Clicking on a specific Vendor Invoice will bring up the right-hand side menu where you can View (the) details (of the invoice), Pay (this) vendor invoice, or Cancel (the) invoice:


Clicking on a specific Vendor Credit will bring up the right-hand side menu where you can View (the) details (of the invoice), Apply (this) credit against (a) vendor invoice, or Cancel (the) credit:


*Please note that for Vendor Credits, the amount will show as negative, since this will be reducing the amount your business owes for a particular Vendor Invoice once it has been applied.

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