Add New Vendor

In order to add a new Vendor, to pay either through online bill pay or with a printed check, you will want to click the [+ New vendor] button from the Vendor List page. When adding a new vendor, please take care to enter in as much information as you have on that vendor. Our application uses this information to determine if that vendor can be paid electronically or if a check will need to be cut and mailed on behalf of your business.


The main difference between a vendor that can be paid electronically (meaning the funds are electronically deposited directly into their bank account) and a vendor that needs to be cut a physical check is the turnaround time:

  • Vendors that can be paid electronically will most likely have a two (2) business day window between the time a bill pay payment is scheduled and the time the payment is received.
  • When a physical check is cut and mailed on your business' behalf, the turnaround time will most likely be between five (5) and seven (7) business days.
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