Payment Form

You're tired of waiting weeks at a time for checks in the mail — or worse, managing messy cash payments with pen-and-paper tracking.

But when customers want to pay by credit card, you've probably suffered one of these headaches:

  • Spending a weekend at your computer, trying to connect your bank account with a third-party processor
  • Paying a near-3% fee for every transaction — and closer to 4% if you have to manually key in your customer's credit card details for them
  • Waiting days at a time to get paid, while your money sits locked up with your third-party processor
  • Playing voicemail tag with customers who need to share payment details by phone
  • Keeping track of post-it notes with sensitive customer credit card details on them
  • Unhelpful, faceless customer support when issues with your third-party processor arise


What if there was a faster, easier, and cheaper way to get paid electronically — that your customers absolutely loved?

Payment Form is a link you can share with your customers anywhere to let them pay electronically — directly into your bank account.


Small businesses & community organizations love Payment Form

Businesses Email the Link to Customers

"Payment Form is extremely easy to use for me and my customers! I simply email the link for credit card payment with my invoice. They (or I) can enter their credit card information securely. The money is deposited into my checking account, and I’m notified when the transaction is complete."

—Peter Frontiera, Patriot Fluid Power

Churches and Non-Profits Share the Link to Take Donations

"Autobooks makes it simpler for church members to give, and it's easier for our record keeping, too. To have one software, one system, all in one place, streamlines the payment process for all involved."

—Elias Garman, Mill Creek Community Church

Teachers and Trainers Take Payments for Classes

"Payment Form allows us to quickly collect payment from customers after a class. This is a wonderful addition to Autobooks that I have been looking forward to — less paperwork and less checks lying around is fantastic!"

—Giovanni Caponi, First Response Training

Retailers Take Payments Face-to-Face

"We feel this payment form will be a game changer it is so much faster and user friendly. I love that we could send it to a customer directly, that's a great feature. We are excited to continue using Autobooks."
 Lexi Schroder, Island Auto Body

Get started with your Payment Form in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Sign into your online banking account & click the “Autobooks” tab.

Step 2

If you haven't already started using the Autobooks tools within your account, click Get Started, accept the Terms & Conditions, then be sure to check the "Enable Payment" box. This allows customers to start paying you electronically.

Step 3

Once you're inside Autobooks you'll see the Payment Form widget on your dashboard.

From there, you can share your Payment Form link anywhere you can think of: on invoices, via text message, email, your website, and everywhere else you communicate with customers:


Stop waiting days or weeks for payments to land: share your Payment Form link with customers today

Sign into your online bank account now. Share your Payment Form link with a customer, and start receiving electronic payments directly into your account.

That's all there is to it!



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