Pay a bill (Creation)

If you would like to use Autobooks for paying your bills electronically (or by printing out a check yourself), you can do so by going to the Pay Bills section of Autobooks from the right-hand side menu. Once you're on the Bill Pay List page, click the [$ Pay a bill] button

  • Select online bill pay (Bill Payment) or printing a check from your printer (Create a check)

Bill Payment

  • Choose a vendor, and either the send or due date of the bill
    • Depending on the type of vendor, this online bill pay payment will either be an electronic transfer of the funds directly to the vendor, or a physical check that is cut and mailed on behalf of your business to the address of the vendor you’re paying
      • A rule of thumb for this is that if the payment has a 2 business day turnaround between the send and delivery dates, that transaction will be done completely electronically. A payment that takes between 5 to 7 business days will be a mailed check.
    • After this, you can choose to make this a recurring bill pay payment
      • If you flip this toggle switch, you will then be required to choose the frequency, frequency option, and send date
    • The next step for both recurring and non is to choose an Accounting Category to categorize this transaction against, and the amount of the payment.
    • Finally, you can add a message if you would like, and finally click the [Pay Bill] button to schedule this online bill pay payment

Create a check

Please note that this option is for printing out a check yourself if you have printer-sized check stock.

  • Choose a vendor, check date, and check number
  • Choose an Accounting Category to apply this check against and the amount of the check
    • You can click the [+Add item] option if you would like to categorize against more than one Accounting Category
  • Finally, you can enter a message if you would like, and then click the [Create check] button to save this check
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