Overview of the Invoicing page


On the Invoicing page, you will see 5 tabs:

  • Invoices
    • Create, send, view, and track the status of invoices
  •  Customers
    • Manage customers and other associated key contacts
  • Payments
    • View incoming payment activity
  • Products/Services
    • Keep a record of the various products and services they provide
  • Invoice Settings
    • Customize the look and feel of the template used to create invoices, and toggle details like late fees and grace periods.



Invoice List – Invoice Options

Clicking on the Search Criteria drop-down menu below the [New Invoice] button will allow you to filter the Invoice List by Invoice Status, Customer, or by a specific Date Range.

You can get to the invoice options sub-menu for a given invoice by clicking anywhere on the invoice in question from the Invoice List page. 


This will bring up a right-hand side menu with the following options:

  • Invoice – How to view this invoice and see what your customers will see when viewing this from the [Pay Invoice] button on the invoice email
  • Pay invoice – How to view this invoice with the online payment options available to your customers
    • This is also how you can submit payment on behalf of your customer if they’ve provided you with payment information and explicitly given you permission to do so
  • Mark invoice as paid – This is where you go to either match a deposit that was received in your bank account to this invoice, or create a non-cash credit against this invoice (i.e. a discount on the total owed)
  • Email invoice – This is where you go to re-email out this invoice to the email address on file, or to a completely different email address
  • Cancel invoice – This is where you can cancel an invoice after it has been created
  • Activity history – If you click the downward-facing arrow here, you will see any events associated with this invoice, such as the invoice creation, sending of the invoice, views, payments, etc.
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