Enrollment / Onboarding

When you navigate to the Autobooks tab in your bank’s web portal, you will be provided with information that explains what Autobooks is, are prompted to accept Autobooks’ Terms and Conditions, and are then presented with the “Finish setting up my account” button to advance to the account creation page.



After clicking the "Finish setting up my account" button, you'll be taken to the welcome page. Once there, you'll be directed through three onboarding screens (shown below), and prompted to enter your personal and business information to create their Autobooks account. Note: this information may be pre-populated by your financial institution


Page 1: Personal Information




Page 2: Business Information



After all personal and business information has been entered, you may be asked to choose the primary account that payments you receive will be deposited into. Please note that this will only be available if your business account has multiple checking accounts, as seen below:



Once the account selection has been made, you'll be taken to a view of your dashboard and are ready to use Autobooks!


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