Overview of the Accounting page

On the Accounting page, you'll see an overview of the accounts that are integrated with Autobooks, and have options to: 

  1. View balances and total cash on hand for your checking, savings, and any other accounts you may have with your banking institution.
  2. Search, browse, and categorize your transaction activity.
  3. Manage and organize transaction categories for efficient bookkeeping.
  4. Add external accounts (bank, credit, etc.) in order to have all of your business' accounts in one system.

Accounts & Balances (List)

This is the first page that will load when you click on Accounting. This will show any accounts that Autobooks was able to pull in that are linked to your business account, their balances, and their last updated date.

You can click on a specific account if you would like to either view the transactions associated with just that account or deactivate the sync between Autobooks and that account. You would want to do this if you wanted only certain accounts to be linked to Autobooks. Please note that the account with a star next to it is your primary Autobooks account and cannot be deactivated.


Accounts (Add External Account)

From this page, you can also add an external account (i.e. a Delta SkyMiles American Express card) by clicking the [+ Add account] button and following the outlined steps. Once this account is successfully synced, it will show up on this page just as your other accounts do.


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