Which version of Autobooks am I using?

In order to find the most relevant documentation to support what you're looking for help with, you'll first need to know which version of Autobooks you're using.

There are currently 2 versions of Autobooks—the old version and the new version. Eventually, the new version will be the only version, and all users will see the same one. As Autobooks users become more comfortable with the new version, the old version will slowly be phased out.

Most likely, you'll be shown the new version when you log in. For the time being, you'll have the option to use either.

Knowing which version you're using will help you find the relevant support documentation. View articles in the Autobooks Previous Version Support Articles section for support on the old version, and view articles in the New Autobooks Look and Feel section for support on the new version.


New version:



Old version:


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