How to Credit An Invoice

If you've received a deposit or are giving a discount on an invoice, you can easily create a credit on that invoice after it's been created. Here's a quick guide on how to credit an invoice:

Invoice Creation

  • Invoicing > Invoices
    • Click the [New Invoice] button
      • Fill out the appropriate information and create the invoice

Credit Creation

  • Invoicing > Invoices
    • Click on the row of the invoice in question, which will bring up a pop-up menu on the right of the invoice list
    • Click on the "Mark invoice as paid" menu option
      • For the question "Has this payment already been deposited into your bank account?" you will want to select "No"
        • Doing this will bring up the credit menu
        • You will want to select a Payment Type of "Other Amount" and then put in the amount of the deposit
          • You can update the Date Paid field if needed
        • Finally, you can put in a memo for your own record-keeping and then click the [Submit] button to create this credit
    • The invoice will then reflect this updated balance owed, and you'll be all set!
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