Recategorize Coded Transactions

Autobooks makes it easy to re-code transactions if you accidentally categorized a transaction to "Supplies" when it should have been "Utilities", or something similar. In order to do this, you can take the following steps:

  • Log into your Autobooks account, and go to Advanced Tools > Journal
  • This will take you to our Journal Entries page, where you can then click on the 'Coding Errors' related link at the top of this page
  • Once you're on the 'Coding Errors' page, you will need to:
    • Choose a transaction type: Deposits / Withdrawals / Bank Deposits (Begin Balance) / Bank Withdrawals (Begin Balance)
    • The difference between these is that the bank deposits and withdrawals are looking at any transactions that were automatically coded when we were creating your account
      • These transactions would be any transactions that we could have pulled in from your bank account from the day you signed up back as far as we can (typically around the beginning of the year)
    • Now if you're only looking to re-code transactions that you've done yourself, you will only want to look in 'Deposits' and 'Withdrawals'
    • After this, you will want to select a transaction to re-code by clicking the bubble at the left end of the row associated with this transaction
  • After that, you can choose a different General Ledger Date if you have a reason to update this, but it will default to the date of the transaction you've selected, so you do not have to update this if the date is the same
  • Next, enter some notes for your record-keeping
  • Now you can choose the accounting Category to move this transaction to; this category will default to the category your transaction is currently in
  • Finally, you can choose to update the amount of the transaction if you'd like to add in multiple categories for this transaction to be coded against
    • Please keep in mind that if you break this out, the total amount will have to equal the original amount of the transaction
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