How can I set up Auto Pay for my invoices?

If you have recurring invoices that you would like to be automatically paid on the invoice's due date, you can do that by setting up Auto Pay through Autobooks! It's a pretty easy process:

  • When you receive an invoice and click on the email to open it up, in the upper right-hand corner of that invoice page, it will show this:


  • You want to click the ‘Register’ option to create your free account with Autobooks
  • You’ll enter in the email address that the invoice was sent to, and create a password


  • Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to log in with that email/password combination
  • You’ll then see the Auto Pay option on your customer Overview page. You'll want to click on the [Change My Auto-Pay Preferences] button


  • From here, you'll click the [+Add Payment Option] button


  • This will bring up a pop-up where you can enter in your desired method of payment (credit/debit card or bank account)


  • Once you've saved that, the ‘Payment Preferences’ page will now show this new saved info


  • You'll want to click the check box at the end of that row for ‘Auto Pay’ and then click the [Save Preferences] button to turn this payment option on
  • Once you go back to the Overview page, you will see this option enabled in the Auto Pay section


At that point, you're all set!


Here are some quick notes about Auto Pay:

  • Your payment method will be charged the day the invoice is due, as long as that invoice is in the future
    • If you set up Auto Pay and have past due invoices, those will need to be paid manually

If you want to turn off or edit the payment method, or add another one, you can do so by clicking the [Change My Auto-Pay Preferences] button and then editing the row in question.

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