Account History

The 'Account History' page is where you can view any transactions that have occurred in your checking or savings accounts that have not initiated in Autobooks. This allows you to have a view of all of your business' transactions in one place, wherever they may have come from! 

You can get to the 'Account History' page by clicking on Transactions > Account History 

  • Once you're on this page, you can filter down this list through the search box, or by choosing a specific account to pull the transactions from
  • You can also export this report to Microsoft Excel by clicking the blue [Export to Excel] button in the upper right of this page
  • You can categorize transactions so they impact your financial and transactional reports appropriately from the 'Categorize' page, which can be accessed through the Related Links at the top of this page
  • You can finally add an automatic categorization rule or view your rules from these links as well
  • To learn more about each of these options, please click the links below:
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