Applying a Credit

Now that you've created a credit, you can do one of two things: wait for it to automatically apply overnight, or manually apply it to a specific invoice. These two options are the same for all credit types except for A/R Write-Off credits, which get assigned at the moment of creation. This article will break down how to apply credits, when to apply them, and who can apply them. 


Applying a credit is a very straightforward process that begins by going to the All Credits page via Cash In > Credits. Once you're here, click on the [Manage Credits] button or Related Link to navigate to this page. Now you will want to click the [Apply Credit] bubble and then [Continue] to move forward in this process. The next step will have you select a customer with a credit on his or her account so that it can be applied by clicking the [View Details] button. After this, you will select both the credit to apply and an invoice or fee to apply this credit against.


There are a few different options for when to apply a credit. You can apply a credit right after you have created it by following the steps outlined above. If you choose to not apply a credit after its creation, it will automatically get applied overnight when our credit application job runs. This automatic application will occur only if there is an unpaid invoice to apply it against. Otherwise, it will remain on the customer's account as an overpayment until an invoice is issued. 



Administrators on your business' account and customers themselves can apply credits against invoices. If you are an administrator and would like to apply an invoice on a customer's behalf, you can do so by following the above steps.


If you are a customer and would like to apply a credit yourself, you will first need to make sure that you have created an account in the Autobooks system. If you already have an account, you can log into your account and look at the 'Open Invoices' section on your Dashboard. If you have any credits, you will see an [Apply Credits] button in this section. If you do not have an account yet, you can get to the account creation page by clicking on the [View Invoice] button from any invoice email to get to the application. Once here, you will want to click where it says "Welcome! Guest" in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage, and then the Register link.

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