Mailed Customer Payments

If you have a customer that wants to mail a check to you, never fear; we have you covered for mailed payments in addition to our online payment options! You can have the customer in question mail the check to our payment processing center, where this check will be automatically applied to his or her account with your business. This means less trips to your financial institution's branches, saving you precious time in your day!

How it works:

On every invoice sent, there is a second page that is only able to be viewed by your customers when they go to print this invoice out. They can do this by clicking on the [View Invoice] button from the original invoice email, or by logging into their account if they have chosen to create one.

You can view this page by going to the All Invoices page and then clicking on a specific invoice. Once there, if you click the [Print] button in the upper right-hand area of this page, you will be able to look at a print preview, which contains this second page. This page is their remittance slip, which contains all of the appropriate mailing information for your customers. All they need to do is print out this slip and put it in the envelope with their check when they mail it out. *Please note that it is also advisable for customers to put their account number from this slip on the memo line of their check, just to be safe.

Below is an example remittance slip; all of the information is test information and should not be used for your specific business.

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