Check Approvers

The Check Approvers page is where you can go to edit who will receive the emails to approve or deny checks, if this feature is on for your business. In order to navigate to this page, you can follow this path:

  • Click on the Cash Out tab.
  • Click on the Checks option; this will take you to the All Checks page.
  • Click on the Check Approvers Related Link on the top of this page.

After this page has loaded, you should see a list of all those who have the ability to approve or deny checks, based on their access level within the system. At this point, the system has been configured for any employee or business owner to have the ability to approve or deny checks. Therefore you should see any active (non-archived) employees show up on this page. 

  • You merely need to click the check box next to the person's name to indicate that they should be receiving these emails. 
  • Un-checking a person's name will prevent them from receiving approval emails, but they will still have the ability to approve or deny checks.
  • To complete the process, click the [Submit] button.

Please keep in mind that you cannot approve a check that you created, as that would defeat the checks-and-balances purpose of the approval process. 

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