Create Vendor Check

The Create Vendor Check page is to be used in conjunction with the Add Vendor Bill feature. These two features allow you to enter a bill into the system so that it has been recorded, and then pay that bill by creating a check to cut against said bill. To find out more about Add Vendor Bill feature, please click here.

In order to navigate to the Create Vendor Check page, you will want to follow this path:

  • Click on the Cash Out tab from the Dashboard.
  • Click on the Checks tab, which will take you to the All Checks page.
  • Click on the Create Vendor Check Related Link on the top of the page.

 Once you are on this page, the vendor check creation process is fairly straightforward:

  • Choose a cash account to have the funds for this check pulled from.
  • Select a vendor that has a Vendor Bill associated with it. If the vendor you have selected does not have a Vendor Bill tied to their account, you will want to create one by first going to the Add Vendor Bill page.
  • Enter in the next check number from the check stock that you ordered.
  • Enter in the memo that you want to have show up on the check.
  • Select the vendor bill from the list.
  • Click [Save Check] to create the check, and you're all done!

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