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The Create Check page is where you can go in the Autobooks system to create a physical check to mail to a vendor. This can be used in lieu of the Online Bill Pay option if, for example, you would like to give a local vendor a check in person instead of having one mailed to them. 

In order to get to the Create Check page, you will want to follow these steps:

  • Click the Cash Out tab from the Dashboard
  • Click on the Checks option to take you to the All Checks page
  • Click on either the 'Create Checks' button in the upper right of the page, or the Create Checks Related Link in the top left.

Now that you have navigated to the Create Check page, the check creation process is fairly straightforward:

  • Select a Cash Account that you will want the funds for this check to be pulled from; once the check has been entered, the funds will be held in your account so that you don't accidentally overdraw that account.
  • Select a vendor to be paid.
  • Enter in the next check number in the range of check stock that you have.
  • Enter in the memo that you would like to show up on the check.
  • Select a Category to code this check against, keeping in mind that you can choose more than one Category if need be. 
  • Enter the dollar amount to be associated with the Category; if you choose more than one Category, you  will want each of their dollar amounts to add up to the total amount of the check. 
  • Once you have done the above steps, you can click the [Preview] button to see what the check will look like when it is printed out. If everything looks correct, you can then click the [Save Check] button to submit this check.
  • Upon submission, your check will be sent for approval if check approval is turned on for your business. To learn more about the check approval process, please click here.
  • If you do not have check approval on, you can proceed to the All Checks page to print out this check.

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