Online Payment Refunds

This article will walk you through the process of submitting an online payment refund; this allows you to give money back to a customer electronically if the need arises. A possible scenario where this could happen would be if a customer paid the wrong invoice or paid the wrong dollar amount towards their balance. If you would like to mail a customer a physical check back as a refund instead of going through the process online, please review the Check Refund option.  

To navigate to this page, you will want to follow these steps:

  • Cash Out > Refunds
  • This will take you to the All Refunds page
  • Once you are on the All Refunds page, you can access the Online Payment Refund page through the Online Payment Refund link in the Related Links section or the 'Online Payment Refund' button in the upper right area of this page. 
  • Upon clicking either of the above links, you will be navigated to the Online Payment Refund page. 

Now that you are at this page, you can begin the process of issuing an online payment refund:

  • You can find a payment to refund through either the Search bar on this page, or by sorting this page by one of the listed columns.
  • You can also show more items on this page if you would like to see additional payments on one page. Please keep in mind that depending on how you sort these payments and/or how many payments you choose to show on one page, the payment you are looking for may be on another page.  
  • After finding the payment in question, you will need to click the bubble on the far left of that line item to select said payment. 
  • Once you've selected the payment, you can go below to the 'Notes' field and enter in a reason as to why this payment is being refunded. This field is required, as it helps with reporting after the fact by serving as a reminder for the refund's reason.
  • Finally after you have entered in a note, you can click the [Submit Refund] button to start the refund process. At this point, you're all done! The customer should receive the funds back to his or her account in about 2 business days.

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