Add Vendor Bill

The Add Vendor Bills page in the Autobooks application is where you are able to reconcile bill pay transactions with the bills that those vendors have sent you. You are also able to reconcile credits (money back) from a vendor against a specific invoice. You can navigate to this page by following this path:

  • Cash Out > Bills 
  • Once you are at the All Bills page, you can either click the [Add Vendor Bill] button in the upper right area, or the [Related Link] for this at the top of the page.

Now that you are on the page, you will see options at the top for the other bill pay transaction options, as well as an [Add Vendor] button in the upper right; this allows you to add a vendor into the application, which you will need to do before you create a vendor bill. Once you have added a vendor, you can begin the process:

  • Select the vendor that you are entering in a bill/credit for.
  • Select whether what you are entering is a bill or credit.
  • Select the date of the credit/bill.
  • Select the due date of the bill (this is a bill specific step).
  • Enter in the reference number of the bill or credit.
  • Enter in a memo if you have one or would like one as a point of reference.
  • Select a category that you would like this to be coded towards. Keep in mind this category is required so that you can keep track of your financials via our budgeting tool as well as the various reports available to your business. 
  • Enter the amount of the credit/bill.
  • Click the [Save] button, and you're all done! The bill/credit has been successfully entered into the system and can be now used for managing your financials.

At this time, the Vendor Bills option is available to use in conjunction with the Create Vendor Check feature, and their relationship will be outlined below:

Create Vendor Checks

When you are selecting a vendor to pay from the Create Vendor Check page, you will be presented with a few simple fields to fill out/choose from in order to find the bill in question. Now if you cannot find the bill in question, you will need to follow the above steps to enter it into the system. If you do not want to enter the bill into the system, then you can go about the normal bill pay process. Once you have selected the bill in question, you merely need to save the check in order for it to be created. At this point, you can go to the All Checks page to print it out to send to the vendor.

Vendor Credits

After you have created a vendor credit, there is nothing more that will need to be done on your end; meaning that the credit will automatically be applied to any balance owed to or owed by that vendor. So the only thing you should be seeing is an updated balance on a bill from the vendor that you created the credit for. 


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