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Clicking on the Bills link from within the Cash Out drop-down will take you to the All Bills page. This page contains all of the online bill pay payments that have been made from your account. There are links at the top of this page to take you to the various online bill payment options, and those will be outlined on other pages: Add Vendor Bill/Quick Bill Pay/Recurring Bill Pay.

Now on this page, there are a few different actions that you can perform:






The default sorting order is by the processing date of the bill, but you can sort by any column on this page. You can do so by simply clicking on the column name that you would like to sort based upon. Please keep in mind that depending on your sort order, the bill you would like to view may not be on the first page.


Once a bill has been created, it will automatically show up on this page. The Process Date column will be the date that this bill pay payment was entered into the application. The Status column will show as 'Scheduled' until the bill is sent out. At that point the Status will update to 'Paid', meaning that the bill has been paid (either electronically or via mailing a paper check, depending on the type of vendor being paid). 


If a bill pay payment has not yet been sent (signified by the Status column showing a state of 'Scheduled'), you can edit that bill. You will also see a yellow box with a pencil next to this line item; that is the edit button. Once you have clicked the edit button, a window will appear that allows you to edit that particular bill pay transaction. This window has exactly the same fields as the original bill pay page where this transaction originated from; therefore editing is a snap! If you need information on the creation of any of the bill pay types, please see the above links.


Please keep in mind that cancelling a bill pay transaction can only happen before it has been processed. Once this payment has begun processing, you will no longer be able to cancel it. This is represented by a Status of 'Paid' for the transaction in question, and/or by that transaction no longer having a red [x] button at the end of its row. If a transaction has begun processing, you would need to reach out to the vendor you paid and have them refund you these funds.

Cancelling a bill pay transaction will prevent that specific bill pay item from debiting your business' account and being sent to the vendor to whom it was scheduled. Only administrators of your business' account can cancel a bill pay transaction. In order to cancel a bill pay transaction, please follow the below steps:

  • Next to each bill pay transaction on this page, you will see a red [x] button next to that specific item. As stated above, if there is no red [x] button, then this transaction has begun (or is finished) processing and therefore cannot be cancelled.
  • If the red [x] button is at the end of the row for the item you would like to cancel, please click this button. 
  • Doing so will bring up a prompt asking if you are sure that you would like to void this bill, as this action cannot be undone.
  • If you do want to cancel this bill pay transaction, you just need to click the button labeled [Yes, Cancel the Bill Payment] to finish this process.
  • If you do not want to void this bill, you can either click the [No, Return to List] button or the small [x] in the upper right corner of this prompt.


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