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Adding a contact into the application is an easy process that provides simple and helpful information for your business to use. There are three subsets of contacts, and adding any one of these three types can be done through the following steps:


  1.  Click on Contacts, then on CustomersVendors, or Employees, depending on what type of contact you are adding. Don't worry, you can always change this selection on the actual Add Contact page!
  2. The contact selection you make in step 1 determines which contacts show up on the All Contacts page. So if you click Contacts > Customers, only your customers will show up on this page. There are Related Links at the top of this page, however, that allow you to choose other subsets of contacts, or truly ALL of your contacts.
  3. Now you will want to click the [Add Contact] button in the upper right of this page, which will take you to the Add Contact page. Just like in step 2, the contact selection you choose on the All Contacts page determines the default category on the Add Contact page.

Since different information is required for each contact type, we'll be going through these individually:


  1. The Add Contact page for both customers and employees required the same information, so we'll be combining them for brevity's sake. On these pages, the only required fields are the contact type, first name, last name, and email address. Once you have filled these out, you just need to click the [Save Contact] button and you're all done!
  2. Additionally, there are optional address and phone number fields on these pages if you have that information and want to enter it. 
  3. One cool feature with the address is that if you do in fact enter a valid address for a customer or employee, a map will automatically generate of that address! This can be very helpful if you need to look up a customer's address while on the go.


  1. Adding a vendor is a bit different than adding either a customer or employee into your business' account. This is because we match every vendor entered against our bill pay database to see if they can be paid electronically. To learn more about the bill pay process, please click here to be taken to the All Bills article. This will start you off for the bill pay process. 
  2. The required fields for bill pay are vendor type, company name, email, account number, and full address.
  3. As mentioned in step 1, we match every vendor against a database of bill pay vendors; therefore you will want to get all of this required information from your bill (if you have one). 
  4. All of this information is what is used to match this vendor in the database and potentially allow them to be paid electronically. Typically, larger vendors like Comcast or AT&T can be paid electronically if the proper information from your bill is entered. Most smaller and/or local vendors will be paid via mailed checks.
  5. The optional fields for adding vendors are phone, fax, and a notes field. 
  6. Upon filling out the vendor's information, you can click the [Save Contact] button to add this vendor to your account.
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