Creating a Deposit

Receiving a physical check no longer means that you have to take a trip to the branch to deposit it! You can use our application's convenient online deposit feature to electronically deposit this check into your business' account. Please keep in mind that you will want to use this feature if you are depositing a check that is NOT associated with a specific customer of your business. If one of your customers gave you a check to submit payment to their account with your business on their behalf, you will want to mail it into our processing center. To learn more about this, please click here.


Adding a deposit is quite simple; just follow the outlined steps below:

  1. Go to the All Deposits page by going to Cash In > Deposits. 
  2. This page shows all of the deposits that have been made into your business' Autobooks account. For more information on the All Deposits page, please click here.
  3. Click the [Add Deposit] button in the upper right or [Add Deposit] related link at the top of the page. Either of these options will take you to the first step of the Add Deposit process.
  4. This first page will ask you to enter in some basic information about the check you received, such as the payer's name and address. It will also ask you which cash account you would like the funds deposited into. Once you have filled all of this out, click the [Next] button to advance.
  5. The second page asks for the specific information on the check, including check number, routing and account numbers, and any notes.
  6. The third page will ask for the dollar amount of the check and which reporting category you would like this check to be coded to. This reporting category will determine where this check shows up on your business' budget for that fiscal year. To learn more about budgets, please click here. 
  7. The fourth page will give you an overview of the information you entered, and allow you to electronically submit this deposit. 
  8. The fifth and final page will give you some additional steps that you can take now that the deposit has been initiated. You will want to pay close attention to this final page, as it will provide you with the ability to send a receipt to the check issuer.


Now you're done with this electronic deposit! It will typically take 2-3 business days for the check to clear and be available to your business.

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