All Contacts

The All Contacts page is a convenient page where you can view all of the contacts your business has in your account, or a subset of those contacts. Follow the steps below to get to this page and use it properly:


  1. Click on Contacts, then on CustomersVendors, or Employees, depending on what type of contact you are looking to view. Don't worry, you can always change this selection on the actual All Contacts page!
  2. The contact selection you make in step 1 determines which contacts show up on the All Contacts page. So if you click Contacts > Customers, only your customers will show up on this page. There are Related Links at the top of this page, however, that allow you to filter by employees, vendors, archived contacts, or truly ALL of your contacts.
  3. If you need to add a new contact to your business' account, you can click the [Add Contact] button in the upper right of this page. If you are looking for more information on adding a contact, please click the link in the previous sentence!
  4. Once you have found the contact you are looking for on this page, you can edit said contact by clicking the yellow pencil button next to the red [x] button. 
  5. This will bring up a modal window where you can edit any of the information that was previously entered for this contact. After making the changes, you just need to click the [Save Changes] button to commit these edits. 
  6. If you would like to archive any contact that you are no longer going to need in the system, you need only to click the red [x] button next to the yellow pencil button.
  7. This too will bring up a modal window, which will ask for confirmation of this contact's removal. If you click the [Yes, Remove the Contact] button, this contact will be sent to your archived list. The contact will no longer show up under customers/employees/vendors, and will also not appear on the respective pages that use the contact field. 
  8. In order to restore an archived contact, first click on the Archive related link at the top of the All Contacts page to be shown this particular subset. 
  9. After you are on this page, find the contact in question and click the blue revert arrow at the end of the row pertaining to that contact. The contact will now show back up on the original page.

*Please note that the 'Email Address' column was cropped from the above screenshot, so that the image would fit properly on this page.

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