Cancelling an Invoice

Cancelling an invoice is very simple in our application! Follow the steps outlined below to cancel an invoice on a customer's account:

  1. Go to the All Invoices page by going to Cash In > Invoices.
  2. Find the invoice that you would like to cancel, keeping in mind that it may not be on the first page of your invoices, depending on the sort order.
  3. Click the red [x] button on the end of the row of the invoice you would like to cancel.
  4. Clicking this will bring up a modal window will to confirm that you would indeed like to cancel that invoice.
  5. If you did not mean to cancel this invoice, you merely need to select the [No, Return to List] button to be taken back to the All Invoices page.
  6. If you do want to cancel this invoice, you will be prompted to select a cancellation reason. These reasons are required so that you can look back at this cancelled invoice in the future and know why you cancelled it.
  7. Once you click the [Yes, Cancel the Invoice] button, the invoice will be deleted from your business' account. By doing so, the customer will no longer owe you for that invoice, either.


At this point, the cancellation process has been completed! Now it's worth noting that you can cancel any invoice, regardless of whether it does or doesn't have a balance owed to it. If a customer has already made a payment towards the invoice you cancelled, that money will stay with your business. It will sit on their account as an overpayment credit until another invoice is created. After a new invoice is created, or if there is any other outstanding balance on their account, this new overpayment will automatically apply overnight to the new invoice/outstanding balance. For more information on credits, please click here.


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