All Invoices

The All Invoices page is a powerful page where you can see all invoices that have been sent to your customers. There are a few different actions that you can do from this page:




We will cover each of these three options below, but first we need to navigate to this page. Click on the 'Cash In' tab on the left-hand side of the Dashboard and then Invoices. This will take you to the All Invoices page.


The default sorting order is by the send date of the invoice, but you can sort by any column on this page. You can do so by simply clicking on the column name that you would like to sort based upon. Please keep in mind that depending on your sort order, the invoice you would like to view may not be on the first page


Once an invoice is created, it will automatically show up on this page. The 'Due Date' column will show as 'Pending' until the invoice has been sent out to the customer; at this point it will change to the actual due date. Clicking on the customer's name associated with a specific invoice will take you to detail page for that invoice. From here you will be able to see any payments on the invoice, print it out, or even submit payment on behalf of the customer. Finally, you have the 'Total Amount' and 'Balance Due' columns, which show exactly what you'd expect: the total amount of the invoice and the balance due on that specific invoice.



In order to cancel an invoice, you merely need to click on the red 'X' button on the row that corresponds with the invoice you would like to cancel. Since the cancellation process is more involved, it is outlined on its' own page. In order to learn more about this, please click here

*Please note that the above images are the same 6 rows on the 'All Invoices' page, and have been separated to fit on this page. 


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