Creating an Invoice

Creating an invoice is a quick and easy process in the our application! All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on Cash In > Invoices
  2. Click the Add Invoice button in the upper right area of the All Invoices page. 
  3. Select a customer to invoice from your customer drop-down list.
  4. If you are creating an invoice for a new customer, click the [Add Customer] button to bring up the Add Contact modal. Once you have created this new customer, their information will automatically be added to this new invoice.
  5. Select the due date of the invoice; the invoice itself will be sent out automatically upon your finishing of these steps.  
  6. If you want, you can enter a memo on the invoice. This would be where you would put a longer message or explanation about the goods or services.
  7. Select the Product/Service that corresponds to this invoice. For additional information on choosing and/or setting up the right Product/Service, click here.
  8. Enter the description of the specific item or service performed.
  9. Enter the dollar amount owed to your business, either by amount or as a product of quantity multiplied by unit price.
  10. If you need to enter in an additional line item for another category, click the [Add Line Item] button, and then repeat steps 7-9.
  11. If the invoice is all set, you can click the [Preview] button to see how the invoice will look, or the [Send Invoice] button to send this to the email address on file for that customer.
  12. Once an invoice has been created, it may take up to 5 minutes for it to be sent to the customer; but this invoice will show up immediately on the All Invoices page. It will have a send date of 'Pending' until it is sent to the customer; at this point the date field will update to the actual send date.
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